Meg Soper


Keynote: Bring It On…Strategies for Resilience & Teamwork 

Speaker Bio:

Meg is a motivational humorist who works throughout North America inspiring audiences to shift their perspective by sharing insights and ideas for self-improvement, healthy living and using humor to melt stress and strengthen relationships. Meg’s experience as a staff nurse in the Operating Room, as a stand-up comic, and as a leading motivational humorist gives her a front-line perspective on ideas to help us manage well in high stress environments. Her presentations are filled with humor and practical strategies that promote health, personal resilience and a positive mindset.

Session details:

A dynamic presentation that is a blend of humor, inspiration and motivation. Meg will explore ideas on using humor as an essential element in bolstering our resilience and in helping us communicate positively and productively. She will delve into the topic of mindfulness, emphasizing the importance of taking time for ourselves each day so that we have the energy and inspiration to perform to the best of our abilities.

The presentation will create awareness about our default response patterns and how we can learn to ‘Shift Perspective’ to lead us to more positive and productive interactions with the people we engage with every day, from the front lines to the boardroom. Meg will offer a lighthearted look at how shifting demographics are impacting inter-personal dynamics in society at large. Understanding generational differences helps us create an atmosphere where we can communicate more effectively. People are different, not necessarily difficult. We may not be able change a person’s behavior, but when we understand them it saves us time and lowers our stress level. We can learn to appreciate our diversity is a source of strength and recognize the value that each of us brings to the workplace.

This high energy presentation will entertain, inspire and leave audience members with tangible strategies that can help us realize improvements in our sense of resilience and our relationships at work and at home.


  1. Offer strategies to help improve personal resilience so that we are better able to deal with adversity and adapt in an environment of rapid change;
  2. Learn strategies to better manage our behavior and emotions; become aware that each of us has the power to ‘Shift Our Perspective’ toward a more positive mental framework;
  3. Become more adept at using the Creative & Analytical sides of your brain;
  4. Recognize and understand the different generations in the workplace; and,
  5. Learn the MMB Challenge and mindful strategies to maintain a positive mindset

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