How Do I Make My Condo Great featuring Vic Persaud

Living in a condo can be great! Vic Persaud, the Chair of CCI Toronto's Membership Committee, which administers the Condo of the Year program, shares some tips and best practices on how to make the most of your experience in a condominium community.

Who Makes the Final Decisions featuring Ernie Nyitrai

In our 10th episode, we examine how decisions are made for a condominium community.

Owner Roles and Responsibilities featuring Bill Thompson

Every condominium unit owner should be aware of their role, their rights and their responsibilities. In the third installment of our twelve part video series, Bill Thompson speaks to the role, rights and responsibilities of the unit owners of a condominium.

What Do My Monthly Fees Cover? featuring Park Thompson

Park Thompson, CPA, CA, ACCI (Accountant) joins host Murray Johnson to review what is including in condominium common expenses.

Rule Enforcement featuring Audrey Loeb

Condominium lawyer Audrey Loeb discusses the enforcement of condo rules with host Murray Johnson

Why Should I Attend the AGM? featuring Brian Horlick

Condominium lawyer Brian Horlick discusses with host Murray Johnson why condominium unit owners should attend their Annual General Meeting.

What is a Condo? featuring Patricia Elia

Condominium lawyer Patricia Elia helps Murray Johnson kick off season 2 of CCI's popular video series by getting back to basics and reviewing what, exactly, a condo is...

Pets - Owner and Non Owner Rights featuring Stan Morris

Stan Morris joins host Murray Johnson to discuss condo pets.

Leasing My Unit /Airbnbs featuring Joy Mathews

Joy Mathews talks Airbnb and the leasing of condominium units with host Murray Johnson.

What Can I Change/What do I own/Illegal Reno featuring Ashley Winberg

Lawyer Ashley Winberg reviews what condo owners can and cannot change and clarifies unit vs. common elements with host Murray Johnson

Fire Safety In Condos featuring Michele Farley

Michele Farley speaks to host Murray Johnson about fire safety in condominiums.

Feeling Violated - Right To Enter featuring Denise Lash

Denise Lash speaks to host Murray Johnson about the right of entry to condo suites.

Condo Security featuring Quintin Johnstone

Quintin Johnstone joins host Murray Johnson to discuss condominium security.

Balconies - BBQ's, Cigarette Butts featuring Mo Killu

Mo Killu joins host Murray Johnson for a discussion about condo balconies.

Top 5 Responsible Neighbour Tips featuring Tania Haluk

Property manager Tania Haluk kicks off Season 3 of our popular video series by providing host Murray Johnson with tips for being a responsible condominium neighbour.

Parking Storage Charges Usage and Towing featuring Bob Vertatschitsch

Bob Vertatschitsch speaks about parking storage challenges in condos.

Online Delivery featuring Tania Haluk

Tania Haluk returns to speak to host Murray Johnson about the increasing challenge of online deliveries affecting condominiums.

Workplace Harassement featuring John De Vellis

John De Vellis speaks to host Murray Johnson about workplace harassment in the condominium environment.

Water Damages - Vacation Disasters featuring Mark Shedden

Mark Shedden speaks to host Murray Johnson about condominium insurance considerations in respect of water damages and vacation disasters.

Access to Records featuring Patrick Greco

Patrick Greco addresses the controversial issue of access to condominium records by unit owners.

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