Purchasing/Living in a Condominium

Fitting In featuring Sue Langlois

Live in a condominium community? Sue Langlois shares tips and insights on how to be a good neighbour.

Smooth Moves – First Day featuring Richard Pearlstein

Moving into a condo is different than moving into a house. Special guest Richard Pearlstein joins our host, Murray Johnson, to speak about some of the unique considerations and planning that goes into moving day in the world of condominiums.

The Right Fit featuring Lisa Kay

Are you thinking of buying a condo? If so, this video will provide you with some insight into key considerations to keep in mind. Special guest Lisa Kay joins host Murray Johnson for the second episode of CCI's video series to discuss how prospective condominium purchasers can find the right condo for them.

Why Live In a Condo featuring Murray Johnson

The first of CCI's 12 part video series features host Murray Johnson as he talks about the series which is designed to educate people who are considering buying into the condominium lifestyle for the first time, as well as to inform them about moving in and understanding who is who and which obligations will fall to the new owner and which to the condominium governance team.

What is a Condo? featuring Patricia Elia

Condominium lawyer Patricia Elia helps Murray Johnson kick off season 2 of CCI's popular video series by getting back to basics and reviewing what, exactly, a condo is...

Pets - Owner and Non Owner Rights featuring Stan Morris

Stan Morris joins host Murray Johnson to discuss condo pets.

Top 5 Responsible Neighbour Tips featuring Tania Haluk

Property manager Tania Haluk kicks off Season 3 of our popular video series by providing host Murray Johnson with tips for being a responsible condominium neighbour.

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