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Communications Committee
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Chair: Michelle Kelly -
Co-Chairs: Carole Booth - and Mark Willis-O’Connor -
Co-Editors of CondoNews: Maria Mavrikkou - and Michelle Kelly -

Maria Desforges -
Maria Finoro -
Leasa Galeckas -
Gray Joynt -
Meghan MacDonald -
Judith Monghent -
Janice Pfaff -  
Gabriela Schryver -

* The Golden Horseshoe Communications Committee is operated jointly with the Grand River Chapter Communications Committee.
Roles & Responsibilities
  1. Promotion and marketing of Golden Horseshoe Chapter of the Canadian Condominium Institute
  2. Production of quarterly Condo News Magazine
  3. Development of Website
  4. Development of Press Releases
  5. Selection of Condo of the Year Recipient

Education Committee
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Chair: Dan Martis -

Maria Durdan -
Maria Desforges -
Carole Booth -
Richard Elia -
Jennifer Hogan -
Judy Hunter -
Ed Keenleyside -

Roles & Responsibilities
  1. Review and improvement of Chapter education programs
  2. Development and recommendation of educational policies and programs

Finance Committee
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Chair: Tony Gatto -

Peter Webb -
Nathan Helder -
Sand McLeod​

Roles & Responsibilities
  1. To oversee the monthly financial statements and yearly review
  2. Develop financial policies

Governance/Policy Committee
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Chair: Courtney Cartmill -

Samantha Bright -
Carole Booth -
K.C. Wysynski -
Ed Keeleyside -
Barb McDougall -

Roles & Responsibilities
  1. Review and development of policies and bylaws to maintain consistency of Golden Horseshoe Chapter of the Canadian Condominium Institute
  2. Recommend and implement new programs or direction

Membership, Social Media and Marketing Committee
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Chair: John MacLeod -

David Corbett -
James Armstrong -
Bill Clark -
Jim Van Iderstine -

Roles & Responsibilities
  1. Review and recommend approval of all new members
  2. Review and commend and monitor members who obtain the ACCI and FCCI designations and award the Distinguished Service Award
  3. Increase membership and maintain existing members by providing more services and assistance
  4. Survey members and provide regular membership updates
  5. Responsible for all social media

Professional & Business Partners' Committee
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Chair: Ryan Griffiths -

Stephanie Sutherland -
Christopher Davidson -
Gregg Vandenberg -
Laurie Hebblethwaite -
Patrick Greco -
Shaun McCartney -

Roles & Responsibilities
  1. To add value to existing members
  2. To increase Professional and Business Partners
  3. Membership Awareness

To Promote and Grow a Network of Trusted Professionals for the Benefit of all CCI Members.

Ron Danks Award Committee
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Maria Durdan -
Nathan Helder -

Roles & Responsibilities
  1. Review nominations for Ron Danks Award and make recommendation to the Board for approval


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