President's Message

Igniting the Grassroots by being Relevant

It has been an eventful few months!

Most recently we hosted the Annual Trade Show & Conference on June 2 & 3 in Hamilton. The trade show was sold out with 61 booths. This exciting event included the popular Property Managers session on the Friday which included a stimulating presentation from Melissa Augusto on the different communication styles and how they affect how we react to change. On the Saturday, the conference included 6 concurrent sessions, rapid-fire legal panel, an update on Bill 106 by Armand Conant as well as a Keynote Session titled “Housing Markets: Still Looking Up by Sal Guatieri from BMO.  Thank you to all of the sponsors, in particular, our Partnered Sponsor – Smith Valeriote. Thank you to our Conference Committee members, namely Alicia Gatto, David Outa, John MacLeod, John Van Iperen, Laurie Hebblewaithe, Maria Desforges, Maria Finoro, Peter Greco, Pam Smuts, Ryan Griffiths, Tony Ngo, Will MacKay, and myself.

At this point, I would like to thank the retiring directors that have moved on to the exciting new chapter – The Grand River Chapter. Over the past years, these individuals have spent countless hours on dedicating a portion of their life to making GHC-CCI a better organization.  From accounting to membership, from Professional Partners to Education, Communications to the Conference Committee.  A special thank you goes to Pam Smuts, Casey Beacock, Maria Finoro, David Outa, Maurice (Chevy) Cheveldayoff and Gwen Story.  While I am sad to see these individuals leave, I am excited to announce that Carole Booth, Bill Clark, Ed Keenleyside, Mike Mullen, and Sandy McLeod be added to the GHC-CCI board of directors until the AGM in October. These individuals have volunteered their time over the past year on the Transition-Steering Committee. Officially, I would like to welcome them aboard!

Finally, as the new Chapter President, I am excited to share with you, my theme for the next 2 years – “Grassroots leads to Relevancy”.  “Can we be relevant without the Grassroots?” Not likely! GHC-CCI began as a grassroots organization focused on educating unit owners and condo directors. In the age of change, whether it’s the New Condo Act, chapter boundaries, new board directors or new registered condos, we need to be relevant for all members and ready to embrace the future.

Let’s re-ignite the passion in all of us to become more grassroots focused, to better serve our communities and continue to keep GHC-CCI relevant and successful!

Nathan Helder, GHC-CCI President

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